Pet Shop Boys releases new single “Together” in US

Pet Shop Boys’ most recent single, “Together”, was released in the USA April 12th, by Astralwerks in no less than five digital formats.

1. Digital one-track video.
2. One-track digital single: “Together (Ultimate mix)”.
3. Two-track digital single: “Together (Radio mix)”; “West End girls (Grum remix)”.
4. Three-track digital single: “Together (Pepptalk mix)”;
“Together (Ultrabeat remix)”; “West End girls (Grum Dub mix)”.
5. Four-track digital single: “Together (Ultimate mix)”; “Together (Extended mix)”; “Glad All Over”; “I Cried For Us”.

The single, written and produced by Pet Shop Boys and Tim Powell, was originally released in the UK and around the world in November last year.