Ready for the world’s biggest Pac-Man game?!

Forget Google’s tribute to the dot-gobbling yellow orb. If you’ve got the time, and you’ll need a lot of time, Soap Creative (the designers of the official Pac-Man website) has created a monster of a Pac-Man board. World’s Biggest Pac-Man is a modern twist on an age old classic.

It has been labeled “and internet hit”, the Word’s Biggest Waste of time and time wasting brilliance. All of which Soap Creative are happy about.

Fans have helped created more than 12,600 interlocking mazes. Players can play on multiple mazes in a single game. The exits that let you zoom to the other side of a maze in the original version of the game transport you to the next maze in this one.

The project grew out of a collaboration between Namco and Microsoft Australia, and uses HTML5, the emerging tool for building web applications (and the latest version of HTML, the most popular coding language).