As much as I would love to take full credit for the creation of I80S.COM, I have to give credit where credit is due. To our visitors. From the concept of I80S.COM, to where we are today a lot of the information about the 80’s and especially the 80’s Artists section, much of the information was sent in from our visitors.

I80S.COM is owned and operated by me (Adam), and of course the people who I gave credit to (our visitors). We are based in Southwest Florida.

I started I80S.COM because of one main reason: I LOVE THE DECADE OF THE 80’S! This is when I grew up, became a teenager, smoked my first cigarette, drank my first beer and had my first girlfriend in that awesome decade.

I80S.COM was mainly about 80s music then soon grew with information on 80’s Culture, Movies, Trivia among other areas in which you will find out once you navigate around.

About our affiliation with Amazon.com: I80S.COM was and still is a great way for me to create and add 80’s content, however costs of software, web space and my time warranted to take a look at affiliations. I chose Amazon because, well, they are the best. With all the different media from the 80’s, this is a great way for our visitors to find CD’s, DVD’s, games and other products related to the 80’s and I am able to cut my costs of running I80S.COM.

Where does I80S.COM go from here? Well, I really cannot answer that question just yet seeing I have just updated the site to look the way it does right now. But… If I can have visitors like you to give me feedback on things that would be helpful and fun, I would definitely look into those ideas. Together we can and will make I80S.COM a better place to hang out and talk, listen and reminisce about the greatest decade ever… The 1980’s!

The Interactive 80's Network