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80’s Heavy Metal – AC/DC – Bio

The Australian rock band AC/DC formed in 1973 by brothers Malcolm & Angus Young. AC/DC is usually classified as a hard rock band but are also considered pioneers of heavy metal.

In the 1980’s, AC/DC lost lead singer and co-songwriter, Bon Scott. Scott died on February 19, 1980. After a brief thought of disbanding, AC/DC found singer Brian Johnson to replace Scott. Later that year, the band released their best-selling album, Back in Black.

Their next album, For Those About to Rock We Salute You was AC/DC’s first album to reach number one in the US. Other albums released by AC/DC in the 1980’s include: Flick of the Switch, Fly on the Wall, Who Made Who, and Blow Up Your Video.

The name AC/DC

Brothers Malcolm and Angus Young came up with the bands name after their older sister, Margaret Young saw the initials “AC/DC” on a sewing machine. The brothers felt that this name showed the band’s raw energy, power-driven performances, and the love for their music.

Band Members

  • Brian Johnson – lead vocals (1980–present)
  • Angus Young – lead guitar (1973–present)
  • Malcolm Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1973–present)
  • Cliff Williams – bass guitar, backing vocals (1977–present)
  • Phil Rudd – drums, percussion (1975–1983, 1994–present)

Former members

  • Dave Evans – lead vocals (1973–74)
  • Bon Scott – lead vocals (1974–80)
  • Mark Evans – bass guitar, backing vocals (1975–77)
  • Simon Wright – drums, percussion (1983–89)
  • Chris Slade – drums, percussion (1989–94)


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