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ABC’s ‘The Goldbergs’ Take the Best Awkward ’80s Family Photo Ever

Remember those notoriously goofy family photos we used to take back in the eighties? Well the 1980’s TV family ‘The Goldbergs’ has pretty much outdone most of us with this epic awkward 80’s family photo.

The Goldbergs – Season 2. Click photo to enlarge.

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Fashshot is bringing back the 80’s fashion trends

It used to be described as the decade fashion forgot but nowadays fashion seems to have forgiven the eighties and welcomed it back with open arms.

First the leggings, then the high waists and now even shoulder pads and neon accessories are making a splash on the catwalks and the bodies of the style-savvy.

Fashshot studios went to check out some of the eighties trends being rocked on the streets of London while looking at what eighties inspired gems the high street had to offer.

So go backcomb that hair and embrace your inner eighties child.

Courtesy of: The Online Fashion Agency & The FashshotStudio

80’s Halloween costumes are still HOT, HOT, HOT!

Whether you were born before, during or after the 1980’s, everyone [whether they know it or not] has been touched by our favorite decade. I guess this is why 80’s costumes are always still in vogue around Halloween time.

From eighties hair band costumes to Madonna or even a simple mullet wig can transform you back to 1982. With a decade of decadence get-up, pretty much everyone you’ll meet along the way on your trick-or-treating excursion or Halloween party will appreciate your costume. So let’s dive in to what is available for you to “get your 80’s on” this Halloween!

80’s Groupie Adult Halloween Costume

80's Groupie Adult Halloween Costume

MC Hammer / Vanilla Ice Halloween Costume

MC Hammer / Vanilla Ice Halloween Costume

80’s Madonna type punk girl costume

80's Madonna type punk girl costume

80’s Hair Band Rock God Halloween Costume

80's Hair Band Rock God Halloween Costume

Adult Men’s 80s Devo Halloween Costume

Adult Men's 80s Devo Halloween Costume

80’s Rock Star Adult Female Halloween Costume

80's Rock Star Adult Female Halloween Costume

80’s Diva Child’s Halloween Costume

80's Diva Child's Halloween Costume

Men’s Ghostbusters Costume Party Outfit

Men's Ghostbusters Costume Party Outfit

80’s Pop King Michael Jackson Costume

80's Pop King Michael Jackson Costume


Other 80’s Costume Ideas & Accessories

Elle Style: The 1980s Hardcover Book

Elle Style: The 1980's
Elle Style: The 1980's

Elle magazine, leader in fashion and style, has compiled a tribute to the 1980s in a fun, informative and colorful book that will set one musing on what was en vogue in days past and influencing fashion a la mode.

Creations of major designers Azzedine Alaia, Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, Issey Miyake and Thierry Mugler are featured, revisiting trends brought to life by the greatest fashion leaders of our time. Photos from the legendary fashion photographers of the decade, Gilles Bensimon, Pamela Hanson, Jean-Baptiste Mondino and Oliviero Toscani, among others, bring the decade to life.

Elle Style: The 1980s further traces the history of that memorable decade by highlighting noteworthy cultural events, popular music and overall fads. See for yourself how fashion and pop culture are influenced now by the 80s, and how “old” is continually re-creating itself.


“Elle Style: The 1980’s” documents the decade that produced the most fanciful fashions of the 20th century—leg warmers and all. — The Associated Press

If you danced to Boy George and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, you’ll enjoy this book celebrating fashion of the 80’s. — Dallas News

Where to find a copy: Amazon.com