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Eighties Halloween (or 80’s party) costume ideas

Women's 80's Groupie Adult Costume

It’s getting close to that time of year again! Time to think about what you (or your kids) are going to be for Halloween or that 80’s party you just invited to. There’s no need to panic — i80s has you hooked up with lots of 80’s costume ideas to choose from!

Some of the eighties styles are actually back again so you can find lots of day glow or fluorescent colored clothes, checkered clothes and shoes, and punk-ish type attire (without being too punk-ish of course) at your local shopping mall. This way you can accessorize your (or your child’s) 80’s costume quite easily.

80’s Costume Ideas

For more 80’s Fashion ideas, check out our 80’s Fads & Fashion page or our 80’s Costumes Gallery in our Forums. If you have some ideas of your own that you would like to share, please post them here or send us an email!

80’s Artists – D

Here you will find a list of our “D” 80’s Artists. Links lead to CDs of each artist.

80s Artists - Duran Duran

Damien, Michael

Damn Yankees

Dane, Taylor

Dan Reed Network

D’Arby, Terence Trent

David and David

Davids, FR

Day, Morris

Dead or Alive

Dead Kennedys


DeBurgh, Chris

Def Leppard

Depeche Mode

DeSario, Teri


Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Diamond, Neil

Dino 4th & Broadway

Dio, Ronnie James

Dire Straits

Dirt Band


Doobie Brothers


Dolby, Thomas

Dore, Charlie

Duffy, Patrick “Tin Man”

Dupree, Robbie

Duran Duran

Dream Academy, The

Dr. Hook

80s Artists – E

80’s Halloween costumes are still HOT, HOT, HOT!

Whether you were born before, during or after the 1980’s, everyone [whether they know it or not] has been touched by our favorite decade. I guess this is why 80’s costumes are always still in vogue around Halloween time.

From eighties hair band costumes to Madonna or even a simple mullet wig can transform you back to 1982. With a decade of decadence get-up, pretty much everyone you’ll meet along the way on your trick-or-treating excursion or Halloween party will appreciate your costume. So let’s dive in to what is available for you to “get your 80’s on” this Halloween!

80’s Groupie Adult Halloween Costume

80's Groupie Adult Halloween Costume

MC Hammer / Vanilla Ice Halloween Costume

MC Hammer / Vanilla Ice Halloween Costume

80’s Madonna type punk girl costume

80's Madonna type punk girl costume

80’s Hair Band Rock God Halloween Costume

80's Hair Band Rock God Halloween Costume

Adult Men’s 80s Devo Halloween Costume

Adult Men's 80s Devo Halloween Costume

80’s Rock Star Adult Female Halloween Costume

80's Rock Star Adult Female Halloween Costume

80’s Diva Child’s Halloween Costume

80's Diva Child's Halloween Costume

Men’s Ghostbusters Costume Party Outfit

Men's Ghostbusters Costume Party Outfit

80’s Pop King Michael Jackson Costume

80's Pop King Michael Jackson Costume


Other 80’s Costume Ideas & Accessories