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Atari’s ‘Haunted House’ is back with updated graphics

Haunted House Atari Video Game

Haunted House,” a game released in 1981 for the Atari 2600 console, makes its spooky return just in time for Halloween season.

The game returns players to the Graves Mansion as the grandchildren of the original character, Samuel Silverspring, who search for the lost pieces of a magical urn.

Game producer Roland Lesterlin said that re-imagining “Haunted House” was part tribute and part balancing act.

“When the game was originally released in ’81, it was the original survival horror, thriller game,” Lesterlin said. “We wanted to bring back the nostalgia and make a game that parents can play with the kids.”

The original game came with small comic books to explain what went horribly wrong at Graves Mansion. Lesterlin said journal pages from Graves, his wife and Grandpa Silverspring are scattered throughout the levels to reveal the back story from each person’s point of view.

“The journals reveal how Zachary Graves went insane after the death of his son. His wife describes how she watched him deteriorate,” he said. “It really tells the entire story about how this place went wrong.”

New players will get an arcade-style game that is easy to play but challenging as they progress. Older players will find a game that feels nostalgic but still exciting, with new twists and turns.

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