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’80s pop star Tiffany to perform at Rusty Ball

tiffany-682x1024-2013‘80s pop star Tiffany has been added to the sixth annual Rusty Ball, set for 8 p.m.-midnight Saturday, Nov. 9 at Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Tiffany will perform some of her hits and will take part in a VIP Meet & Greet before The Rusty Ball for VIP guests only.

Organized by The Spirit of Cincinnatus, a non-profit founded by ’80s party band The Rusty Griswolds, the event also features music by that band and Suits That Rock, silent and live auctions, and more.

The event distributes proceeds to participating charities based on each charity’s percentage of ticket sales; this year, a record-breaking 161 beneficiary groups have signed up to participate.

Last year, event raised $402,000; in five years, it has raised more than $1.4 million.

For ticket prices and packages, click here or visit www.therustyball.com.


With Tiffany‘s career beginning at the same time as Debbie Gibson’s, the two teen pop performers have often been confused with each other and rumors abounded of feelings of animosity between this pair of 1980’s divas.

Tiffany Darwish was born on October 2nd 1971 in Norwalk, California, daughter of Robert and Janie Darwish. With her father’s heritage being of Syrian and English descent and her mother with Irish and Cherokee descent it was of no surprise that Tiffany would have exotic and stunning looks. Her talents as a singer were established at a very young age, four in fact, when she learned the words to Delta Dawn, originally recorded by Helen Reddy, and Tiffany began singing to her then divorced parents.

By the age of ten Tiffany made her live singing debut with a country and western band and by the end of the evening she had collected a total of $235.00 by passing around a hat to the appreciative audience.The next big move in Tiffany’s singing career came when she was spotted by Hoyt Axton and moved to Tennessee to perform on the Ralph Emery Show where she charmed the audience with Tammy Wynette and Juice Newton hits.

Tiffany’s first big earnings as a performer came when she toured Alaska in 1982 grossing over $3,000 and which found her performing along side  such greats as Jerry Lee Lewis and George Jones. Finally, in 1984, she signed a recording contract and released her debut single, ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’, which  became a number one hit on the Billboard chart, propelling Tiffany to international stardom.

1986 saw Tiffany signing total control of her career over to her manager George Tobin, which took her to the recording studios of MCA where she laid down her best selling album ‘Tiffany’ which made the stores in 1987. She embarked on a nationwide tour across America appearing in shopping malls to promote her new album. The concept of promoting an album in shopping malls was taken up decades later by Britney Spears when she made her ‘Hair Zone Mall Tour’ across America.At this time Tiffany’s career began running into competition from Debbie Gibson’s career, and the two were constantly vying for appearances on the covers of teen magazines.

In 2000, Tiffany released a “comeback” album, The Color of Silence, which received good reviews. Billboard pegged it as “one of the best pop albums of the year” and the year’s “biggest surprise”. Despite the critical validation, and a record-breaking turnout for her college campus tour, a record deal with a shady, now defunct company and the teen-pop “stigma” attached to her name hindered the album’s potential success.

In the April 2002 issue of Playboy, Tiffany appeared fully nude. Her ’80s-era rival Debbie Gibson appeared nude in the magazine in March 2005. Also in 2002, she appeared on the short-lived sitcom That ’80s Show as “Autumn”, an employee of punk nightclub “Chaos”.


Whatever happened to ‘That ’80s Show’?

With the great success of That ’70s Show, you would think ‘That ’80s Show’ would have been just as successful. Unfortunately it wasn’t. That ’80s Show  aired in half-hour long episodes from January through May 2002.

Despite having a similar name, show structure, and many of the same writers and production staff, it is not considered a direct spin-off of the more successful That ’70s Show — as the characters and storylines from both shows never crossed paths. That ’80s Show was a separate decade-based show created because of That ’70s Show’s popularity at the time. That ’80s Show failed to gain a wide audience and was canceled by Fox after 13 episodes, due to low ratings.

Theme song of That ’80s Show:

The theme song was a 15 second snippet of the song “Eighties” by Killing Joke.

That ’80s Show Logo:

That '80s Show logo


Role Actor Description
Corey Howard Glenn Howerton A struggling musician who lives at home with his sister Katie and his father, R.T. Works at Permanent Record, a record store. Is constantly trying to rebel against the ever growing mainstream culture around him, unlike his best friend, Roger. He also dated Sophia before the start of the series, as they are recently broken up in the pilot. Tries working for his father, but fails miserably and goes back to the record store (and Tuesday).
June Tuesday Chyler Leigh A punk-rocker who also works at Permanent Record. She wears her hair in liberty spikes (she is seen with it down exactly four times). She eventually becomes Corey’s girlfriend halfway through the series, after much tension and love/hate arguing between the two. She grew up in Las Vegas, as the daughter of a minister, but the show ended before any additional information about her family could be revealed. She goes simply by “Tuesday” for most of the series, which is her last name. Her first name, “June” was brought up only once, as a plot device in the episode “My Dead Friend”.
Roger Park Eddie Shin Corey’s best friend, a struggling used-car dealer. He rents a room above the Howard family garage, admires Ronald Reagan and is dance-a-holic (who installed a dance square in the middle of his living room carpet). He is constantly perfecting his appearance, and listens to motivational self-help cassette tapes. Meets Patty through Tuesday near the end of the series, and the two begin a relationship.
Katie Howard Tinsley Grimes Corey’s sister. A Valley Girl and college drop-out turned environmentalist. She later returned to college to major in Environmental Science. She tries to get the family to adopt environment-friendly methods, such as buying toilet paper made from old dictionaries. Dates Owen, who is in the Navy.
Sophia Brittany Daniel Corey’s bisexual ex-girlfriend who has an unreturned crush on Corey’s sister Katie. She later will become the power-hungry director of marketing at Videx, the company owned by R.T., and will move into the family home near the end of the series. Has a twin sister named Bianca. Sophia’s character is allegedly based on a San Francisco socialite of the same name.
R.T. Howard Geoff Pierson Corey and Katie’s divorced father. Owner of “Videx”, a small company that produces and sells personal fitness equipment such as the Butt Luge and the Gut Wacker. He heavily relies on Katie to keep things running around the house, and lavishes himself with expensive items, such as a hot tub and a video camera, symbolizing the “excess” aspect of the 1980s.
Margaret Margaret Smith Ex-Hippie/Rock Groupie. Owner of Permanent Record, the record store where Corey and Tuesday work. She usually has a “long story short” tale regarding her past with various musicians and rock bands in each episode. She frequently insults customers looking for/buying music she feels is inadequate.

Guest Stars on That ’80s Show:

  • Ed McMahon, Pat Benatar, and Neil Giraldo all appeared as themselves in the episode entitled “Road Trip”.
  • Tiffany appeared in the episode “Punk Club” as “Candy”, an employee of the “Chaos” punk club.
  • Debbie Gibson appeared as an annoying show tunes-loving customer named “Janice”, and Morgan Fairchild appeared as R.T.’s rival competitor “Cossima Blair”, in the episode “Beach Party”.
  • John Taylor appeared in the episode “Sophia’s Depressed” as Margaret’s personal decorator.
  • Nathan West appeared in the episode “Spring Break ’84, as “Wray Thorn”, a former classmate of Corey’s turned successful musician.
  • Tammy Lynn Michaels and Josh Braaten appeared in several episodes as “Patty” and “Owen”, Roger’s and Katie’s significant others, respectively.
  • Kelly Clarkson appeared briefly as an uncredited dancing extra, prior to her appearance and subsequent fame on American Idol.

80’s Music on That ’80s Show:

Each episode used several vintage 1980s hit songs, either playing in the background of a scene or sung by one or more of the cast members.

That ’80s Show videos (free):


80’s pop teen idols Debbie Gibson and Tiffany to star in Syfy Movie

Debbie Gibson & Tiffany in the 1980s.

According to MTV.com, Gibson and Tiffany have been confirmed as cast members in Syfy’s upcoming original film, which is entitled Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. The two musicians will star together in the project, which will be produced by The Asylum film studio. Shooting is scheduled to begin later this month, but it is currently unknown as to when the finished product will air on Syfy.

Reportedly, Tiffany approached the network requesting that they should create a movie in which she could appear alongside Gibson. The two former pop culture stars, who competed for media coverage, the spotlight and positioning on the Billboard charts during the late ‘80’s, have confirmed that they never experienced any animosity towards one another.

Debbie Gibson & Tiffany today.
Debbie Gibson & Tiffany today.

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