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Limited Edition 80’s Glam Sharpie Pens

Check out what I came across while school supply shopping at Walmart with my oldest daughter the other day. Yes! 80’s Glam Sharpie pens!

Of course my daughter thought her dear ‘ole daddy was a bit crazy taking a photo of these colorful beauties. However, she does share my pen collecting fetish and to confirm this, she asked me if we could buy her more pens too. :)

80s-Glam-SharpiesBeing a child of the 80s and lover of all things 80s I couldn’t help but to snap this photo so I could share it with you here on i80s.com.

If you would like to get your hands on 80’s Glam Sharpie pens, check out the carousel below or click on one of the handy links in this post.